First Fashion Friday!

So I decided to create what I call ‘Fashion Friday(‘s)’. Every Friday I will be posting my favorite looks of the week from different celebs. So! To get this started, let’s talk about the well tailored, Barbie pink, two piece suit paired with white pumps Zendaya wore in NYC heading to Good Morning America on Tuesday.

Personally, I LOVE the color pink. A nice form fitting suit is always a classic go to, and tops off perfectly with these pumps. Zendaya always slays everything she wears. I love this look. What do you guys think? Would you wear a different color? Different shoes?

(image from Vanity Fair)



Fan Made Music Vid to H.E.R – Focus

For a class project we had the luxury to create a music video. I  chose mines on H.E.R and the song is called Focus… it is a beautifully written song that I love so much. Also very proud to say that this video won my school’s September Student Showcase! I was very nervous for anyone to see my work, besides family, but I’m glad. H.E.R herself also watched and said the video was “amazing!”

So here it is… the show winning video! Watch and enjoy!

Bruno Mars to donate lots of $$$ to the city of Flint (video)

As many of us know, the residents of Flint, MI have sadly been without clean water for some years now…many celebrities have lend a helping hand to aid those during this crisis. In recent news, Bruno Mars has helped greatly…watch the video below for more details!

Chance The Rapper Receiving Humanitarian Award at the 2017 BET Awards (video)

Chicago native rapper, Chance, is honored with receiving the prestigious Humanitarian Award at this years BET awards. Last year Jesse Williams was the recipient and before then Tom Joyner. Individuals who receive this award shown that they care for not only their community, but others worldwide as well.

Here is my news segment on Chance The Rapper being graced with this award.