Shopping Malls on the decline across America in 2017

The decline of shopping malls in America is at a low. So what is the cause? According to, online shopping is growing, the surplus of shopping malls, and consumers are now investing in dining and traveling opposed to shopping.

Online shopping is nothing new. It’s quick and simple to have products delivered right to you. Also with the advancement of technology, there’s apps available to make the online shopping experience easier. Between 2010-2013 shopping in malls declined by a staggering 50%. You can basically find whatever you need- from furniture to electronics or clothing- online and have it shipped directly to you. Saving the time to actually go out look for what you need.

In the 1970’s the increase of building malls was huge. Gone were the days of going to two, three, four stores to get things. So, malls were created to save time for the shopping experience. Today, there are currently about 1,200 malls. So what’s to do with all these malls and no one is buying from them? Eventually they will be forced to shut down.

Revenue for stores have declined as traveling and dining out have increased. Sales continue to grow for the food/drink industry compared to retail. More and more people are drawn to spending their money on experiences rather than material things.


Tory Lanez Drops $35,000 In High-End Boutique that Discriminated Against Him

Singer/rapper Tory Lanez had an unpleasant visit at Holt Renfrew- a luxury boutique- before his performance at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

Apparently a employee was being uncivil and rude to Lanez, under the impression that he could not afford to shop in the store and Tory was not having it. He posted to twitter with a rant video that you can watch here

In the end Lanez did spent the $35K however with a different employee so that the original dismissive employee would not receive commission.

Personally, I do not see any logic with spending that much money (or even shopping there at all) with a store that you felt discriminated against you. I suppose he felt the need to ball out to get his point across that he can in fact afford to shop there but at what cost? And not just large amount of money but you compromised your dignity. The ego is big with this one.

So I want to hear from you guys… What would you have done in this situation?

Kylie Jenner Under Fire For Stealing Clothing Line Ideas from a Black-Owned Business

According to reports by Complex Style- Kylie Jenner is being outed for stealing camouflage clothing designs from PluggedNYC- a black-owned business created by Tizita Balemlay. Yesterday Kylie debuted the collection of camo street wear to her website- featuring bikini’s, crop tops, hats and more quite similar to those swim wear designs of PluggedNYC and Twitter took notice with the receipts ready!

Tizita Balemlay posted to her Instagram account with screenshots of emails exchanged between her and Kylie’s management team about recent purchases. She loved them alright, enough to steal the whole camo concept and re brand as her own.


This wouldn’t be the first incident Jenner was put on spot being accused of stealing an idea- earlier this year in February Rihanna’s designer sued Kylie’s designer for ripping off her custom made jumpsuit created by  L’Impasse Boutique.

The youngest Kardashian sister finds herself in a lot legal troubles this year. In my personal opinion it is not right to blatantly copy someone else’s original design and tweak it to match your interests.

How do you guys feel about this? Any thoughts/comments leave below!




Michael Kors closing 125 Stores

Sales for this infamous luxury brand have been dropping drastically, forcing Michael Kors stores to close many of it’s locations. Michael Kors executive John Idol released a statement, “a difficult retail environment with elevated promotional levels” as being the cause. So what do you think? Will Michael Kors become the Fubu of 2017?

Follow up on details with this story here

Nas and Lauryn Hill set to tour- ‘If I Ruled the World’ Part 2?

According to Nas’ latest Instagram post, where he celebrated the singer Lauryn Hill’s birthday (May 26th) the world got a huge announcement of the two long-time friends going on tour together in North America. Tickets are set to go on sale June 2nd thru Live Nation.

Nas is also ‘reportedly’ working on a new album but until then we can settle for seeing him live in concert and with a very special guest, Lauryn Hill.

For more information on tour dates and pre-sale times check out this link here